Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Jaxon Matthew

May was a fun month of playing in the sprinkler, riding bikes, going on walks....pretty much anything to get our little guy out sooner!  Jaxon's due date was June 2nd, but Emily was 2 weeks early so we weren't sure when to expect this lil one!  

This picture was taken May 27th.  I went in to be induced May 29th.
 I went in Tuesday, May 29th at 7:30 to Gritman Medical Center.  They started me on pit at 9:00 and things moved right along.  I was already 4cm when we went in, so we just had to get contraction started.  Contractions were coming about every 3 minutes in no time, but I still was not uncomfortable.  Dr. Ting told me that if I could have this baby by noon, that would work great with his schedule :)  He stopped in just before 1 and broke my water.  Then nurses told me that once he broke my water, I would really start feeling contractions....and boy were they right!  literally a minute later I started having hard contractions with very few time in between.  My goal all along was to be drug free and up til this point I thought I could do it.  I told Matt that even though I wanted to do it, I thought I was at my limit and wanted an epidural.  He called the nurses in and they called for the anesthesiologist.  At 1:35 we called the nurses in again and told them I needed to push.  They called Dr. Ting and 2 minutes later as he was walking in the door, so did the anesthesiologist.  Dr. Ting told him it was too late buddy!  I started pushing at 1:40 and at 1:46 we had our beautiful baby boy!  (next time there is a baby, I will ask for an epidural before they break my water.  2x natural is enough for this girl!)  so I had 1 hour of hard labor!  at the time it seemed like forever, but now I am sitting here thinking "Thats it?!?"
 Here I am playing the waiting game!
First time holding Jaxon Matthew.  6 lbs 11 oz 20 inches and as perfect as they come!
 I love kissy pictures!
 As you can see we are all in love!
When my parents brought Emily to the hospital, I was still in the delivery room.  Em walked in with sunglasses on and said "Mom! What are you doing in that bed!  Did Baby brother come out?"  Love her!
 He is perfect!
 May 30th
She loved having him home from the hospital!
 Emily is a great big sister and loves helping and holding Jaxon
 Family Time!
Love these precious little hands of my 2 favorite little people!
DISCLAIMER:  Don't mind her hair, Uncle Tyler was in charge until we got home!

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Paige said...

LOVE the pic of you holding him for the first time. It's adorable. and emily....she cracks me up! mom, what are you doing in that bed?" I cant totally hear her saying that. he truly is as perfect as can be! Can't wait to meet the little fella!