Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Longest post EVER!


We had the opportunity to join Matt's family for a trip to Kauai, and we jumped on it. I don't know if we were actually invited, but we went anyway:) We started saving our pennies the day we decided to go so we could have the time of our life while there. Matt was excited, I was nervous to fly that long with a 17 month old, and Emily was clueless. We drove to Seattle and stayed with Matt's sister Sarah, who was also able to go with us. We were scheduled to fly out early, which ended up not happening because of a ton of obstacles. Luckily they got us all together on the same flight from LA forward. Emily had a hard time on the first flight, but only for the first 20 minutes until she finally fell asleep. The rest of the way was a breeze and she met a few friends in surrounding rows. Layovers were a blessing for us so Emily could run around
and have fun.

We arrived in Kauai Thursday evening around 8PM but didn't get our cars and home until around 9. We stayed in a beautiful house in the North-West shore and had plenty of room for all of us.

Lighthouse- Beautiful views and lots of whale sightings
Tunnels Beach- Cool tunnels and a popular beach for snorkeling

Checked out Local shops

Luau- Emily showed us all her hula skills and wasn't afraid to show them off. She also loved watching the night show with all the dancing, and stayed awake as long as she could, but finally passed out in Grandma's arms.

Lydgate Park & Beach
Went up the canyons
Blow hole
More waterfalls, which Matt decided he had to jump off one, just to say he did it.
A beach somewhere...we don't remember the name, although as we walked, we saw this log...which turned out to be a Monk Seal. it looked dead and molding, but we finally saw it move
Poi'Pu for snorkeling and burying the baby. She surprisingly loved it!

Zip line! Matt's grandma was nice and watched Emme while the rest of the family went on a 3-1/2 hour zip line. It was A-Mazing! There were 7 zip lines, 4 bridges, and the best part was you were up in the trees the whole time! We were able to do tricks, hang off the edge of the platform, and swing while waiting to move on the the next zip line. It was awesome to see the trees from above, rather than from below!

We woke up early to walk down to the beach by us to see the sun rise.
After we went and checked out the Opaekaa Falls
Back to Lydgate park for swimming and laying in the sun for a nice roasting. They had a nice area that was shallow and no waves just for the little kiddos. Emily met a friend, and then stole her toys!
Helicopter ride! You honestly cannot appreciate Kauai without going on a helicopter ride. This island is amazing! You cannot see 80% of the island without a ride. We also saw a few more whales

Checked out of the house at 10
Fern Gratto
A day at 'Anini beach. Snorkeling. Finally saw turtles. Red eye home. Sad Day