Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6 Months Old

Last week, Emily had her bottom teeth push through. Then this week we had her 6 month appointment, and that same day, she started showing interest in crawling. She pushes up on her knees and instead of putting one knee in front of the other, she just launches herself forward. I guess it is a start, plus she gets to where she wants to go. I cannot believe how fast she is growing!

At her Dr. visit, we got the stats. She previously was lucky to even get close to the 25 percentile.
She is 25.5 inches long, which is almost the 50th, her head is 16.75 which is just at the 50th, and she weighs 13.94 lbs, which is right at the 10th. So she is tall, skinny and has a big 'ole head.

We also had her 6 month pictures taken, and although I haven't seen all of them, these are the ones I have seen and I LOVE them! Our friend Carrie did a wonderful job! We will post more a little later.

We are also almost done with our family room. We just have to paint and then put in carpet. SO CLOSE!!! I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years for this moment and I can finally taste it! I will post pictures of the finished product....once it is in fact finished!