Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our family room

So I wanted to tile our kitchen, which started a bigger project of remodeling half of the house. I wanted to open the kitchen up more to the family room, which means moving the laundry room, which then opened up the opportunity to expand the bathroom. Now, it is demo time and Matt no longer has any free time. I love tearing everything apart, and Matt's job is to follow behind me and make the changes I have drawn up. I am not much of a builder, but I have discovered that I can tear down a wall pretty quickly.

My Dad has been awesome and I call him a lot to come help. Matt and Dad make a pretty good pair when it comes to construction work.
My goal (and I am not sure if it is a realistic goal) is to have the construction all done by the end of may so I can finally get the tile down. That was the whole purpose behind this beautiful disaster!