Friday, July 20, 2012

January- April

 2012 started out with this little stinker wanting to be potty trained.  She did really well and was excited to be a big girl!
 We had a lot of snow this winter so we spent a lot of time playing in the snow.

 I love Idaho!  I get to look at this beautiful scenery year round.  It starts the year white, then turns green, yellow, gold, then back to white!  Couldn't be better!

 My lil Diva

 Funny story:  At our Easter primary party, they had each ward's primary come up on this little stage and sing a song.  Unfortunately for all the other cute little kids on the stage, the microphone was placed in front of Emily.  I was taking pictures and was standing on a chair to get over everyones heads.  Emily saw me, and while all the other cute kids were singing ever so nicely, my little one decided to start yelling into the microphone "Mommy, take my picture, take my picture Mommy!"  repeatedly.  I, nonetheless, stepped off the chair, turned bright red and hid my face!
 Ready for church Easter morning!
 Finding all the eggs!
 Hanging out in the fire truck at the emergency preparedness fair
 We had to live April up because we knew we would soon be loosing some really good friends who would be moving to Utah in May.  We spent almost every day with Paige and her little boy Cash and we had fun doing it!
 DQ after bowling.

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Paige said...

boo....this makes me miss you!!!!! and little emily of course. :) i will never forget emily saying "mom, take my picture!" that was too adorable. Loving all of these posts. keep em coming!