Thursday, January 1, 2009

We are close to being done with the laundry room. We just have to paint, tile and then hang doors and shelves. Matt and My dad Textured and a couple days later I primed and painted. It will be very nice to get everything back into place so I will have a place to store all my cleaning supplies. Currently they are in random closets.

This week my parents have been out of town so we have been watching their dogs. My parents always say our dog Sadie is a terror, and although I agree....they should see what their dogs are capable of!

Matt went snowboarding Tuesday morning at 5 and let the dogs out of the room we lock them in. I woke up about 7, opened our bedroom door and found this:

I know Sadie would not tear apart her dog bed, especially since we just got it for her a week or so ago and she sleeps on it all the time. Abby is not one to destroy things, so that left me with Maggie. I looked down the hall and saw Maggie with her head in between her legs. Also since she has been here she has chewed up a plastic bowl that we have been putting food in for Abby, Sadies rope and other toys.

Yes Mom and Dad...she is an angel!

Also a myth among the Rigby's: Their dogs NEVER get on the furniture. Every time I walked out of the living room for a couple minutes, I would return to this:

She would be either sitting on the ottoman looking out the window or laying like this.