Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jaxon is 2 Months!

 In June the kids and I had the chance to head to Hermiston for a couple days while Matts Grandma and Great-Grandma passed through town.  It is always such a fun experience to have our kiddos hang out with grandma, great-grandma, and great-great-grandma!  That doesn't happen very often and we take every opportunity we can! 
This is Jaxon and his Great-Great-Grandma.
 This is Jax with his Great-Grandma
 Just chillin in his swing!  This is at 6 weeks when he really started smiling
 Can't get enough of him!
 Farmers Market was hot, so we had to stop and dip our feet in the fountain.
 It has been so hot lately, and he had the right idea!  I love how sprawled out he is.
The 4th of July was a fun day and we were up early until really late, but we made sure to have fun the whole day!  We started our day at the Johnson parade with a bunch of our friends.  After the parade we decided to head to Spokane to do some much needed shopping for Matt and I.  The kids seem to have 2x the wardrobe that we do!  We had fun shopping and eating and just playing.  We got back to Pullman just in time to catch the fireworks.  Emily stayed awake through the fireworks this year, but fell asleep on the walk back to the car.
 4th of July Johnson parade.
Our friends at the parade.  Emily was having fun being Tyrell Hill's little buddy.  She preferred him over us that day.

 The middle of July we had the chance to go to Great Falls, MT for Great-Grandma's 95th Birthday party.  We only have everyone together for a party every 5 years, so we couldn't miss it!  here is 5 generations.  matt is kinda the odd man out.
Here is most of Matt's family.  Mike and his family and Stephanie and her family weren't able to make it.
And this is Grandma Gipe and her 2 kids with their family. Jennifer's husband wasn't able to make it either.

Emily had been wanting to go fishing for some time, so Papa Walker brought her a fishing pole.  At first this fountain on the back deck was a hit!  Emily was always standing right here fishing unless she was down at the river fishing.  
 She was so pleased with herself.  She caught something every time!  here's the trick to amazing fishing.  Find a pole that has a toy fish floater attached to it purchase.  DO NOT take it off.  SUCCESS!!!  (We actually did try to put a real hook and bate and she freaked out.  She liked her fake fish and so did we!)
Daddy helping her drop the line off the bridge.
 Poor kid gets smothered like this everyday.  He puts up with it most of the time.

I took these pictures today just really quick because we were all dressed and hair done (rare occasion)  I will take better pics tonight or tomorrow just of Jaxon.  I cannot believe he is 2 months already!  We go in on Thursday for his 2 month well-child and I am excited to see his stats.  He has sure become a little chunker!

A little about me at 2 months:
-I am a happy kid from the time I wakes up until about 7....then life gets rough and I just want to fuss.  I am not sure what I want, but it gets me lots of attention.
-I sleep from 10 until 9 with only 2 feedings in there.  I LOVE my sleep!
-I love pulling my big sis' hair, but it is payback for her smothering me!  She doesn't care much yet though.  She just laughs and says "he's pulling my hair, Jaxon your so silly"  We all know it won't be silly for too long.
-I am super ticklish and you can always get a smile out of me if you tickle me.
-I am told I look just like Emily, but I want to point out I have a TON more hair than she did.
-I have a great scowl and I am not afraid to use it.
- I am slightly obsessed with eating.
-I am working on my rolls, and man are they getting bigger!  I know why they call me "chunkers"
-I love my pacifier
-I love Emily, but she can be pretty intense and scary.  She gets in my face all the time.  I try to smack her, but she just laughs.
-Mom says I am growing too fast.  I am getting too long for my 0-3 months clothes (Emily wore hers until she was 4 or 5 months.)

I love being 2 months, life is great!

 Emily 2 months

Jaxon 2 Months

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Blessing 6/10/2012

We were able to have all my family come into town the week after Jaxon was born.  Because we had all my brothers and their families, plus my grandma and grandpa and my Aunt Shell, we decided to bless Jaxon while everyone was here.  It was a special day having so many people in the circle to bless him.  With Emily, it was just my dad and Matt and some friends.  

 Evelyn lovin' up on her newest cousin
 Pictures of his blessing day

Meet Jaxon Matthew

May was a fun month of playing in the sprinkler, riding bikes, going on walks....pretty much anything to get our little guy out sooner!  Jaxon's due date was June 2nd, but Emily was 2 weeks early so we weren't sure when to expect this lil one!  

This picture was taken May 27th.  I went in to be induced May 29th.
 I went in Tuesday, May 29th at 7:30 to Gritman Medical Center.  They started me on pit at 9:00 and things moved right along.  I was already 4cm when we went in, so we just had to get contraction started.  Contractions were coming about every 3 minutes in no time, but I still was not uncomfortable.  Dr. Ting told me that if I could have this baby by noon, that would work great with his schedule :)  He stopped in just before 1 and broke my water.  Then nurses told me that once he broke my water, I would really start feeling contractions....and boy were they right!  literally a minute later I started having hard contractions with very few time in between.  My goal all along was to be drug free and up til this point I thought I could do it.  I told Matt that even though I wanted to do it, I thought I was at my limit and wanted an epidural.  He called the nurses in and they called for the anesthesiologist.  At 1:35 we called the nurses in again and told them I needed to push.  They called Dr. Ting and 2 minutes later as he was walking in the door, so did the anesthesiologist.  Dr. Ting told him it was too late buddy!  I started pushing at 1:40 and at 1:46 we had our beautiful baby boy!  (next time there is a baby, I will ask for an epidural before they break my water.  2x natural is enough for this girl!)  so I had 1 hour of hard labor!  at the time it seemed like forever, but now I am sitting here thinking "Thats it?!?"
 Here I am playing the waiting game!
First time holding Jaxon Matthew.  6 lbs 11 oz 20 inches and as perfect as they come!
 I love kissy pictures!
 As you can see we are all in love!
When my parents brought Emily to the hospital, I was still in the delivery room.  Em walked in with sunglasses on and said "Mom! What are you doing in that bed!  Did Baby brother come out?"  Love her!
 He is perfect!
 May 30th
She loved having him home from the hospital!
 Emily is a great big sister and loves helping and holding Jaxon
 Family Time!
Love these precious little hands of my 2 favorite little people!
DISCLAIMER:  Don't mind her hair, Uncle Tyler was in charge until we got home!

January- April

 2012 started out with this little stinker wanting to be potty trained.  She did really well and was excited to be a big girl!
 We had a lot of snow this winter so we spent a lot of time playing in the snow.

 I love Idaho!  I get to look at this beautiful scenery year round.  It starts the year white, then turns green, yellow, gold, then back to white!  Couldn't be better!

 My lil Diva

 Funny story:  At our Easter primary party, they had each ward's primary come up on this little stage and sing a song.  Unfortunately for all the other cute little kids on the stage, the microphone was placed in front of Emily.  I was taking pictures and was standing on a chair to get over everyones heads.  Emily saw me, and while all the other cute kids were singing ever so nicely, my little one decided to start yelling into the microphone "Mommy, take my picture, take my picture Mommy!"  repeatedly.  I, nonetheless, stepped off the chair, turned bright red and hid my face!
 Ready for church Easter morning!
 Finding all the eggs!
 Hanging out in the fire truck at the emergency preparedness fair
 We had to live April up because we knew we would soon be loosing some really good friends who would be moving to Utah in May.  We spent almost every day with Paige and her little boy Cash and we had fun doing it!
 DQ after bowling.