Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emily turns 1!!!

I can't believe it has already been a year! I look at Emily and her baby face is gone! She is turning into a little toddler, and I am not sure I am okay with it. We love her personality, and I wish I could constantly snap pictures of her many smiles. She rarely goes without one on her face. She is a little jabber mouth and if it is quiet, she takes the opportunity to talk.....loudly! She says Mama, Daddy, Daw (dog), baby, tickle, dow (don't) nana, and now gampa...but those last two come and go in spurts. She will answer questions with a nod and say "yeah" or if she will shake her head for no. She has not learned to say "no" yet..which we are thankful for. She loves to swing and play on the slides, swim and go for rides in her wagon. She loves giving hugs and kisses. She hasn't decided she wants to walk yet, which again, we are thankful for. She is super busy and curious. We love our Emily!


Update: At her 12 month Dr. visit, her stats were: 17.63 lbs (5%), 28 in tall (20%), and her head is 17.75 in (50%)


So it has been a crazy busy summer. We had a couple family reunions, starting with Matts reunion in Missoula. Emily got to meet her Great Great Grandma!

5 generation picture. This is amazing!

The next week Emily and I went to the Rigby reunion in Estes Park Colorado. We got a 4 generation picture, but me being the dork I am forgot my battery charger, so they are on a different camera.
Emily and Great Grandma
We had a great time visiting both families and wish we could see them all more!
She is even stylin' while she sleeps!

Even though we have a hard time with our dog, it is times like this I couldn't imagine not having her! Emily adores her dog.
Emily has learned to push Sadie away and says "Dow" Meaning don't Apparently we say that to Sadie a lot! Emily uses the dog as a step stool, a pillow, a chair and a jungle gym and Sadie just loves the attention.

Last month we went to visit Matts family to spend time with them during their fair. We entered Emily into their Cutest Baby Contest just for fun. There were 150 babies and I was pretty sure she wasn't going to win. There were a TON of cute kids. They had everyone sit in rows and the judges walked around and then they called out the top 10. Surprisingly enough Emily's name was called. I was shocked and my sis-in-law told me to have more faith in her. She was so stinkin' cranky from only 3 hours of sleep and cutting a tooth that morning. We lined back up and the judges again walked through to pick the winner. Emily was the cutest! I am still shocked she won! She made out awesome! There were over $700 in prizes. The best one was this......
Of all the prizes she one, her favorite was her trophy! These pictures are priceless!
She was so wiped out, but would not let go of her new prize! Love it!